St. Michael’s Hospital Research Student Association Events

To see our scheduled upcoming events, go to the St. Michael’s Hospital Research Events Page.

Here is a list of the types of events held by the St. Michael’s Hospital Research Student Association:


Welcome Breakfast

Meet the new graduate students over breakfast and get a chance to mingle with student leaders, staff, and department heads.

End of the Month Socials

Bond with fellow co-workers, say hi to old faces and get to know new ones while munching on a variety of treats!

Christmas Party (by RTC)

Feast with friends at an evening of that is sure to kickstart the holiday season and get you in a festive spirit.

Welcome Coffee

New beginnings come January! So meet the incoming students to the hospital over breakfast and coffee.

St. Paddy’s Day Pub Night

Celebrate St. Paddy’s Day with SRSA and friends at one of the famous Toronto pubs nearby.

BBQ/Patio Party

Come network with students and staff BBQ style!


Career Seminar

Three short and engaging lectures are spread out in a year with discussion periods involving guest panelists and experts in the chosen topics. Our recent two seminar topics are on “Women in Science” and “Careers in Science and Law”.

Product Show

A special event showcasing the newest laboratory technology that are in the market and may also be suitable for your research.


Bake Sales

Our bake sales occur throughout the year. They help us fund most of our events and help us bring together the LKSKI community and make your experience at little bit more fun!

Games Night

A night of intellectual stimulation, but with board games and other group activities!

Ronald McDonald Home for Dinner (RMHD) Bake Sale

Raising money to help us buy groceries for the RMHD.

Ronald MacDonald Home for Dinner Program

Get involved in preparing, cooking and serving a meal to families of the RMHD. Whether it is your first time or a returning volunteer, all help is welcome!

CIBC Run for the Cure Bake Sale

Fundraising to sponsor our team run and succeed!

Sporting Life 10K Run Bake Sale

Funds go to the 10K run as support of Camp Oochigeas.