Keenan Research Summer Student (KRSS) Program (2021)

The modified program is described as follows and is subject to change as the COVID-19 pandemic evolves:

On-Site Summer Students RequirementsRemote/Off-Site Summer Students Requirements
1. The work or a portion of the work can NOT be completed from off-site/remote (e.g., lab work)
2. Hired and paid as employees through Human Resources.
3. Appropriate supervision is provided while on- site
4. Provided designated research space at 193Y, 250Y, LKSKI/KRCBS
5. No on-site access to any hospital facilities (St. Michael’s, St. Joseph’s or Providence) or clinics
6. No face to face interactions with research subjects or patients.
7. For research summer students working on-site – they must be added to the work strategy forms and submitted for review and approval. The basic science form work form and clinical research work form can be completed and submitted to Olivia Lavery.
8. Earliest on-site start date: Monday June 7
9. Subject to change depending on COVID-19 case counts and hospital clinical capacity.
1. 100% of their work CAN be completed from offsite
2. Onboarded as a volunteer or paid employee through Human Resources.
3. Appropriate remote supervision (via Zoom, phone, etc.)
4. Earliest Start Date: May 3 2021
  • Research summer students MAY be granted access to Electronic Medical Records (e.g., Soarian/Sunrise) or have access to PHI of patients or research subjects providing they pass a research specific privacy training course.
  • Research Students doing any recruiting or consenting, even remotely, will need to be added to the REB approved protocol
  • Remote onboarding and network access to UHT email/folders/intranet will be arranged
  • There may be limited access to library services at UHT
  • Research Students and their supervisors are required to complete the standard onboarding packages.
  • As the COVID-19 situation changes and evolves we will review this modified program and may at any time implement further restrictions or relax requirements.

For questions please contact .

Updated onboarding packages are now available at