Information for Staff

The Keenan Research Summer Student (KRSS) Program provides opportunities for undergraduate and medical students to conduct research in a laboratory and/or clinical setting at St. Michael’s under the supervision of a principal investigator (scientist and/or MD). Students are also involved in educational programming such as seminars, networking activities and a poster competition.

Keenan Research Summer Student Lotto & Canada Summer Jobs Funding 2018

Deadline to apply is: January 29, 2018 at noon (no late submissions accepted)

 We are combining the applications for the Keenan Research Summer Student (KRSS) Lotto and Canada Summer Jobs. Please submit the information requested for Canada Summer Jobs to Dalbir Singh, no later than Jan. 29 at noon.  You will automatically be submitted into the KRSS Lotto by applying for Canada Summer Jobs.

Questions please contact Dalbir Singh and Devyn DeMars.

KRSS LOTTO Guidelines:

There will be 20 names randomly selected for the Lotto.

Each of the 20 PIs will be reimbursed $2000 in September 2018 for their summer student.

If you are awarded the Keenan Lotto funding, your student is required to present in their assigned weekly seminars. Your student must NOT be enrolled in another summer student program (IMS, Banting and Best, UofT faculty summer programs, etc) in order to be eligible for the Keenan Summer Student Program (if you have this type of summer student, please register them as a T4A summer student with Cordelia Cooper in the ORA).


Canada Summer Jobs Guidelines:

Please complete the following information in the following form:

  • Job Details on page 2 (Part B)
  • Calculation of Employer’s Total cost on page 5 (Part A-E)

The PI also needs to read the attached “are you in danger?” pamphlet.

Applications which highlight Local Priorities have a higher success rate, local priorities include:

  • Summer festivals and events
  • Community celebrations
  • Jamestown
  • Regent Park
  • Moss Park
  • Not-for-profit
  • Organizations that provide programs and services to low-income individuals and families
  • Organizations that provide programs and services to youth
  • Organizations involved in the welcome and settlement of immigrants (including refugees) in Canada
  • Organizations that provide programs and services to the LGBTQ2 community
  • Organizations that provide programs and services to indigenous peoples

Eligibility Criteria for Canada Summer Jobs:

  1. The participant must be between 15 and 30, and was registered as a full-time student in the year prior.
  2. They must intend to return to school full-time in the next academic year.
  3. They must be a Canadian citizen, permanent resident or person with whom refugee protection has been conferred.
  4. Foreign students are not eligible.
  5. The student must have completed 224 hours of work in total.

FAQ for Staff

  • Students who are in a full-time undergraduate degree program at time of application
  • Students in medical school full-time 
  • High school graduates who are enrolled in a relevant undergraduate program for the fall (proof of enrolment is required)

International students are eligible for the program as long as they can legally work in Canada. St. Michael’s Hospital and the Office of Research Administration do not assist in visa applications, accommodations or travel.

  • High school students
  • Graduate students enrolled in an M.Sc. or Ph.D. program 
  • Any student enrolled in another summer student program. This includes – but is not limited to – Banting & Best Diabetes Centre, CREMS/IMS, Canadian Blood Services, UofT Undergraduate Student Research Opportunity Program, Ontario Genomics Institute, etc.

To engage a student in the KRSS program, please follow these steps:

  1. Step 1: Email  with the student’s name and start date
  2. Step 2: Complete the KRSS Registration Package for PIs/Managers in full
    1. For Paid Students (KRSS paid document)
    2. For Volunteer Students (KRSS volunteer document)
  3. Step 3: Email the fully completed form to
  4. Step 4: Send your student the pre-registration link so they can be assigned to a registration session.  Registration Sessions are by appointment only; no drop-ins will be accepted. Students cannot work at St. Michael’s Hospital without being registered. Please ensure the student pre-registers at the least two weeks BEFORE arriving/starting at St. Michael’s.


Note: There are different documents and registration sessions for paid, non-paid and returning students. Please be careful as to which pre-registration and documents you are completing (designations will be in the title of the document). 

The KRSS program consists of two types of students:

  • Students hired as employees of the hospital and paid hourly wage that falls on a pay scale starting at $14. Please note; there is an employee benefit rate. For example, if you pay the student $14 per hour, it will cost you approximately, with employer costs, $16.10 per hour.   This additional 15% is to cover employer costs which include vacation pay, Employer Health Tax, WSIB coverage, CPP deductions and EI deductions. This is consistent with the compensation model used in 2014 which complies with Canada Revenue Agency direction.  
  • Students registered as Non-Paid Students who wish to gain experience in a research setting (Please note: Non-Paid students will not be paid stipends/honorariums at any time and will solely act as volunteers.)
  • If you are engaging a student in another summer student program, such as but not limited to; Banting & Best Diabetes Centre, CREMS/IMS, Canadian Blood Services, UofT Undergraduate Student Research Opportunity Program, Ontario Genomics Institute, etc., you are ineligible for the KRSS Program. Please contact Cordelia Cooper for instructions on how to register your student as a T4A Summer Student.
  • If you are engaging a summer co-op student, please see the Co-op Student Instructions for registration instructions. (link to Undergraduate section)
  • If you are engaging a student for non-paid research experience without participating in KRSS programming, please see register them as a Research Volunteer (link to “Engage a Research Volunteer” section in Staff Services, Research Employment). View the new Research Visitor and Volunteer Policy.
  • Students must agree to participate in the program on a full-time basis and not terminate their engagement prior to the stipulated end date. Summer students work 37.5 hours per week (Monday to Friday 7.5/hrs per day). 
  • The summer student’s project must take place at St. Michael’s, unless the principal investigator’s office/lab is located off-site.
  • While most summer students are engaged for the full summer term (May to August), there is no minimum or maximum days required to be registered in the program.

Not all students are paid through the KRSS Program. The program consists of two different types of students:

  1. Students hired as employees of the hospital and paid hourly wage that falls on a pay scale starting at $14.
  2. Students registered as research volunteers who wish to gain experience in a research setting (Please note: volunteer students will not be paid stipends/honorariums at any time and will solely act as volunteers).

It is up to the PI to decide whether students will be paid.

Every summer student (paid, volunteer and returning), must complete the KRSS registration package in order to registered through the Office of Research Administration.  

Details regarding the 2018 Canada Summer Jobs application will be announced in the RUN in January, 2018. Further details regarding the KRSS Lotto will be announced in late January, 2018.

We recommend that you read the FAQs carefully as you might find the answer to your question. You can email for any inquiries regarding the KRSS program. Please note this inbox is only checked periodically and response times will not be immediate.

For inquiries unrelated to the KRSS program, please contact Cordelia Cooper.

Cordelia Cooper

Research Employee Coordinator
Phone: 416-864-6060 x3077