Dr. Xiao-Yan Wen, MD, PhD

Dr. Wen’s research focuses on incorporation of zebrafish model system and advanced high throughput screening technologies for drug discovery. He recently established the Zebrafish Centre for Advanced Drug Discovery (ZCADD) at St. Michael’s Hospital. With a large infrastructure funding from Canada Foundation for Innovation (CFI), ZCADD houses Canada’s first fully automated zebrafish high throughput screening platform for zebrafish. In partnership with many academic labs and industrial partners, the Centre has launched over 10 zebrafish-based drug development projects targeting many diseases including neurological, cardiovascular, inflammatory diseases, diabetes and cancer.

Koroboshka Brand-Arzamendi

Research Coordinator
Zebrafish Technology Services and Management

Jamie Li

Research Assistant
Lab management

Youdong Wang

Research Technician
Zebrafish Facilities Management

Robin Ng

Research Technician
Zebrafish High Throughput Platform Management

Yongliang Xiao

Research Assistant
Zebrafish Husbandry

Farhad Karbassi

Research Coordinator
Preclinical Studies of Drugs Targeting Brain Hemorrhage

Anju Philip

Postdoctoral Fellow
Anti-Sepsis Drug Discovery

Rui Guan

Postdoctoral Fellow
Inflammation and Neutrophil Function

Vijay Narasimhan

Postdoctoral Fellow
CRISPR Technology Development

Meng (Shirley) Li

Postdoctoral Fellow
Drug Screening and Discovery

Suzan El-Rass

PhD Candidate
Zebrafish Gene Trapping & Vascular Function

Antonio Mauro

PhD Candidate
Automated Zebrafish Screens Targeting Angiogenesis

Peter Zhou

PhD Candidate
Ese1/Elf3 Gene Function in Zebrafish

Junghwa (Elena) Yun

Research Assistant
Anti-viral Drug Discovery

Arman Hassanpour

MSc Candidate
Mouse Validation Studies of Anti-stroke Compounds