Current Projects

Approved Projects on the 3T Siemens Scanner as of May 2018.

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Dr. David Mazer, Dr. Mark Peterson, Dr. Vinay Garg, Dr. Subodh VermaACE trial: A randomized controlled trial of axillary vs innominate arter cannulation for antegrade cerebral protection in aortic surgeryNeurology
Dr. Tom SchweizerAthlete traumatic brain injury, concussion and fMRINeurology
Dr. Corinne FischerBrain-Eye Amyloid Memory (BEAM) Study: Validation of ocular measures as potential biomarkers for early detection of brain amyloid and neurodegenerationNeurology
Dr. Daniel SelchenCHORDS study: Ocrelizumab phase IIIB in RRMS who had a sub-optimal response to DMTNeurology
Dr. Corinne FischerCREAD2 study: Crenezumab phase III in prodromal to mild Alzheimer's diseaseNeurology
Dr. Corinne FischerThe neural correlates of delusion in patients with Alzheimer’s diseaseNeurology
Dr. Jiwon OhQuantitative Spinal Cord MRI as a Biomarker of Treatment Response in MS: A Prospective StudyNeurology
Dr. Tom SchweizerInvestigation driving performance and underlying neural networks of aging cohorts and individuals with mild cognitive impairment and Alzheimer’s diseaseNeurology
Dr. Sakina RizviA dimensional approach to evaluate reward processing in major depressive disorder before and after treatment with desveniafaxineNeurology
Dr. Tom SchweizerUnderstanding how disorders of the brain affect driving abilities: An fMRI driving-simulator studyNeurology
Dr. Jiwon OhQuantitative Spinal Cord MRI in MS Patients with Sexual DysfunctionNeurology
Dr. Sidney KennedyIdentification of reward-based markers for risk of depression following mild traumatic brain injuryNeurology
Dr. Corinne FischerThe Ontario Neurodegenerative Disease Initiative (ONDRI)Neurology
Dr. Jiwon OhQuantitative Spinal Cord MRI in Radiologically Isolated Syndrome: A Prospective StudyNeurology
Dr. Tom Schweizer , Dr. Michael HutchinsonSport for Life Project: a comprehensive investigation of psychosocial well-being, life satisfaction, and cognitive functioningNeurology
Dr. Sakina Rizvi , Dr. Sidney KennedyPain, Reward, Attention and Neurocircuitry: Biomarkers of SuicidalityNeurology
Dr. Margaret Hahn (CAMH), Dr. Gary Remington (CAMH), Dr. Tony Cohn, et alTopiramate for weight gain in obesity and improvement in psychopathologyNeurology
Dr. Luis FornazzariComparing brain reserve capacity in musicians and non-musician patients with Alzheimer's diseaseNeurology
Dr. Jiwon OhStructural and functional correlates of disability in the spinal cord in progressive and relapsing remitting multiple sclerosis: a longitudinal studyNeurology
Dr. Tom Schweizer, Dr. Sunit DasTablet technology for fMRI brain activity and improved neurosurgical planning of brain tumoursNeurology
Dr. Stephen Strother (Baycrest)Traveling human subject MRI studyNeurology
Dr. Iqwal Mangat OCEAN trial: Optimal anticoagulation for enhanced risk patients post-catheter ablation for atrial fibrillationNeurology
Dr. Daniel SelchenMedday-Biotin study: Effect of MD1003 in progressive MSNeurology
Dr. Vinod Chandran (UHN)Identifying Biomarkers for Joint Damage in Early Psoriatic ArthritisMusculoskeletal
Dr. Subodh Verma , Dr. Kim ConnellyEMPA-Heart Trial: Effects of Empagliflozin on Cardiac Structure, Function and Circulating Biomarkers in patients with Type 2 DiabetesCardiology
Dr. Michael KutrykENACT-AMI: The Enhanced Angiogenic Cell Therapy In Acute Myocardial Infarction TrialCardiology
Dr. Kim ConnellySaxagliptin and Cardiac Structure and FunctionCardiology
Dr. Kim ConnellyMAGMA study: Mineralocorticoid receptor antagonism clinical evaluation in atherosclerosisCardiology
Dr. Margaret Hahn (CAMH), Dr. General LeungAPN study: MR imaging of fat deposition in adolescents with first-time use of anti-psychoticsBody, Neurology, Cardiology
Dr. Margaret Hahn (CAMH), Dr. General LeungMetformin in co-morbid diabetes or prediabetes and serious mental illnessBody, Neurology, Cardiology
Dr. David JenkinsMRI Enhanced dietary portfolio, exercise and heart riskBody, Neurology, Cardiology
LMC Diabetes & EndocrinologyBird Rock Bio: An adaptive design study for assessment of RYI-018 after single dosing in health volunteers and repeat dosing in subjects with non-alcoholic fatty liver diseaseBody
Dr. Darren Yuen , Dr. Anish KirpalaniA pilot study to access the role of magnetic resonance imaging in assessing kidney transplant injury following kidney transplantationBody
Dr. Darren Yuen , Dr. Anish KirpalaniFunctional Evaluation of Transplanted Kidneys in an Outpatient Setting with Diffusion Weighted Magnetic Resonance Imaging and MR ElastographyBody
Dr. John SievenpiperStop Sugar Now trial: Effect of replacing sugar-sweetened beverage with non-nutritive sweetened beverage or water on gut microbiome and metabolic outcomes to oppose sugarsBody
LMC Diabetes & Endocrinology, Toronto Liver CentrePfizer study: Phase IIA trial evaluating pf-05221304 in adults with non-alcoholic fatty liver disease (multi-site)Body