Benefits for Emergency Responders

By providing feedback to emergency responders, Rescu aims to help provide paramedics and firefighters with the tools required to improve patient care, and answer any questions about calls that care providers may have.

Through collaboration with base hospital and EMS and fire services, Rescu also looks to contributing in a meaningful way to continuing medical education. Because so few prehospital protocols are based on scientific evidence, Rescu also looks to help identify inefficiencies in current practices ways in which precious prehospital resources can be better utilized. Finally, Rescu is a leading advocate in areas such as patient safety and community paramedicine, producing literature in areas that have been largely unstudied.

We Need Your Participation!

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In order to provide meaningful feedback to paramedics, emergency and fire services, and base hospitals – and ultimately, to improve patient outcomes – participation from the front lines is integral.

Importantly some of the most meaningful questions that drive the best research come from the providers.  The design of trials benefits greatly from early input from the providers particularly with respect to what is feasible and important to measure.  Direct participation starts with screening and enrolment and ends with timely completion of patient care reports and notification through electronic upload of the eACR or calling the enrolment line. 

A good example is cardiac arrest studies where the timely upload of the defibrillation data is integral to the quality of care and reporting in clinical trials.  There is a documented link between CPR quality and survival to discharge.

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