Benefits for Patients

Historically, medical research in the out-of-hospital setting has been rare, and many standards of prehospital care are extrapolated from other science.  

Typically the science is extrapolated from the hospital setting under very controlled situations treating similar but not the same patients and as such the science is not directly applicable but it is the best we have upon which to base our medical standards for the prehospital setting.  Since 2000, Rescu has worked with EMS and fire services to strive towards evidence-based best practices. 

Through the conduct of randomized trials in cardiac arrest, participating services have seen survival of out of hospital cardiac arrest triple in some regions and quadruple in others.  Through CPR feedback and changes in compression technique, we hope to see a continued increase in patient survival.

Rescu also works with a large in-hospital network to optimize care for post-arrest patients to maximize the number of patients discharged neurologically intact.  Through the Strategies for Post Arrest Care (SPARC Network) the rate of cooling well (to 34 degrees within 6 hours of return of circulation) has risen 50%.