CSRS Courses

CSRS Courses 2017-18

Foundations in Resuscitation Science Research (MSC4001H)

This half-credit course is open to MSc and PhD students and is a prerequisite for any PhD student interested in the Advanced Topics course. The course objectives are:

  • to provide students an enhanced understanding of the breadth of research in resuscitation science; and
  • to ensure that students with disparate fields of research enquiry assemble to discuss common areas of interest, thereby further reinforcing a spirit of interdisciplinary research.

All classes are scheduled from 4.30-6pm on Mondays, unless otherwise indicated. 

MSC4001H 2017-18 Seminars

Session 1 (11/09/2017)
Introduction to Resuscitation Science Research
Sandro Rizoli MD and Ori Rotstein, MD

Session 2 (25/09/2017)
Physiology and Pharmacology as guides in effective cardiac resuscitation
Greg Hare, MD, PhD

Session 3 (16/10/2017)
Brain Resuscitation
Andrew Baker, MD

Session 4 (30/10/2017)
Collaboration and Innovation – Engineering and Technology in Resuscitation Science Research
Justin Boutilier, PhD(c), Christopher Sun, PhD (c) and  Timothy Chan, PhD

Session 5 (13/11/2017) (To be confirmed)

Session 6 (27/11/2017)
Translational Research – From Bench to Clinical and Back Again
Douglas Campbell, MD and  Steve Lin, MD

Session 7 (8/01/2018)
Keep it Simple: Clinical Trials
John Marshall, MD

Session 8 (22/01/2018)
New Knowledge in Knowledge Translation
Katie Dainty, PhD  Janet Parsons, PhD

Session 9 (5/02/2018)
Nursing Perspectives in Resuscitation Science Research
Monica Parry, RN, PhD   Orla Smith, RN, PhD

Session 10 (26/02/2018)
Current Developments in Sepsis Research
Claudia dos Santos, MD

Session 11 (05/03/2018)
Considerations for Outcomes in Paeds
Melissa Parker, MD  Ian Drennan, ACP, PhD(c)

Session 12 (19/03/2018)
Research and Policy in Practice: How researchers can become trusted policy experts
Sam Vaillancourt, MD  Andreas Laupacis, MD  

Session 13 (03/04/2018)
Final Oral Presentations
All Students

Graduate Seminar Series (SRM3333Y and SRD4444Y)

The Graduate Seminar Series is a mandatory, not for credit course for students enrolled in the CSRS. Attendance by interested faculty and staff at U of T and beyond is welcome, in person or via WebEx. The broad objectives for students are:

  • to provide all students in the CSRS an opportunity to meet, network and hear from expert researchers in the field of resuscitation sciences;
  • to expose students to current research in this emerging field;
  • to facilitate opportunities for collaboration among participants in the program;
  • to facilitate students’ appreciation for the interdisciplinary nature of resuscitation sciences; and
  • to enhance students’ ability to identify cross disciplinary research opportunities in the field.

All classes scheduled from 4.30-5.30pm, unless otherwise indicated.

SRM3333Y/SRD4444Y Seminars

Session 1 (18/09/2017)
Cardiac Arythmias: Research and Treatment
Paul Dorian, MD

Session 2 (02/10/2017)
Bystander Resuscitation in Overdose – Naloxone distribution and the SOONER Trial
Aaron Orkin, MD, MPH, PhD(c)

Session 3 (6/11/2017)
Human Factors and Resuscitation Research – Missing Links
Christopher Hicks, MD, MEd and Andrew Petrosoniak, MD, MEd

Session 4 (11/12/2017):
Funding Conundrums – How to Write a Winning Salary Support / Operating Grant
Katie Dainty, PhD , Erica Conte, PhD

Session 5 (29/01/2018)
The BIG Picture: What’s ahead on the Resuscitation Science research agenda
Steve Lin and Laurie Morrison 

Session 6 (12/02/2018)
to  be confirmed

Session 7 (26/03/2018)
Building EMS Research and Practice
Sheldon Cheskes, MD, Meji Lee (U of T), Shannon LeDuc (U of Ottawa)

Advanced Topics in Resuscitation Science Research (MSC4002H)

The course is administered through the Institute for Medical Sciences and is open to graduate students enrolled in the CSRS who have completed the prerequisite Foundations in Resuscitation Science Research (MSC4001H) core course. This advanced course is for 0.5 credit and is designed to counter the isolation of late-stage thesis work; to assist students to establish contact with like-minded colleagues; set the stage for on-going collaborative work groups; and to facilitate the timely completion of projects and prepare students who intend to enter academia and other fields. The overall course objectives of the course are to provide doctoral students:

  •  an opportunity to present their research-in-progress in small group sessions with feedback about their presentation skills and research content by both a faculty facilitator and their peers;
  • a forum for the exploration of methodological, theoretical and professional development issues in the emerging inter-disciplinary field of Resuscitation Sciences;
  • opportunities to learn good leadership and collaboration skills;
  • opportunities to improve writing and presentation skills; and
  • help to move along methods and analytical sections of their thesis

The course is administrated by the CSRS Research Education Coordinator. All queries related to course enrollment, and other administrative issues should be addressed to CSRSInfo@smh.ca or 416 834 6060 x 7843.