Participant Feedback


“A great meeting to share ideas with other educators, instructors, students and clinician scientists around the “why?” in resuscitation.” – Faculty member

“Networking opportunities at this meeting were a real bonus. I hope you will host again. It was so valuable.” – Graduate student

“I have never sat through a day of talks that held my interest AT ALL TIMES!” – Young Investigator

“I hope to promote and champion a software product for resuscitation that was presented at this meeting. So cool!” – Senior Scientist

“The presentations were excellent and I loved interacting with so many different people.” – Graduate Student

“I would highly recommend this meeting” – Graduate student

“Excellent venue, format and content! I’ll be back in 2014!” – Clinician Scientist

“The depth and diversity of research presented was remarkable for a one-day meeting.” – Clinician Scientist

“The interactive format and excellent trans-disciplinary presenters made for an exceptional meeting and knowledge transfer program” – Faculty Member

“Trans-continental pollination! Fantastic meeting!” – Graduate Student

“As a retired paramedic and long time volunteer with Heart and Stroke Foundation, I found the meeting very interesting and informative” – Delegate

“So intrigued by the subject matter and that young researchers are so committed. Can’t wait until RiM2014!!” – Investigator

“One of the best meetings of my career.” – Clinician Scientist

“Superb presenters – not one bad one, which is unusual! – Faculty Member

“Provocateurs provided really great questions post-presentation. Much better than the usual ‘dead air’.” – Senior Researcher

“Excellent meeting for networking. Lots of opportunities for small group interaction.” – Young Investigator

“Helped me to think about a direction for my own research.” – Graduate Student

“Thank you for putting together such a well-planned and educational event.” – Young Investigator