Schedule of Proceedings


Resuscitation in Motion 2012


Thinking and Drinking over Jazz


Wednesday May 2 2012
17.00 – 20.00
Bernie and Mildred Syron Exhibit Hall
Li Ka Shing Knowledge Institute
2nd Floor
209 Victoria Street
Toronto, ON


Join us for the launch of Resuscitation in Motion 2012 in the beautiful exhibition space of the Li Ka Shing Knowledge Institute. Mingle and meet with special guests, panelists, provocateurs, fellow students and other movers and shakers in the field of resuscitation sciences.  Enjoy delicious hors d’oeuvres, wine and beer fromPantages and live jazz by the Sharron McLeod Fauxtet.

Welcome and reflections on why we are here

  • Dr Arthur Slutsky: VP Research, St Michael’s Hospital
  • Dr Laurie Morrison: Director, Collaborative Program in Resuscitation Sciences (CPRS), University of Toronto, and Rescu, St Michael’s Hospital
  • Dr Timothy Chan: Young Investigator and Assistant Professor, Department of Mechanical and Industrial Engineering, University of Toronto
  • Dr Steve Lin: Graduate Student, Clinical Epidemiology and Health Care Research, Institute of Health Policy, Management and Evaluation and CPRS, University of Toronto


Scientific Meeting

Thursday May 3 2012
07.30 – 17.00
Li Ka Shing Knowledge Institute
209 Victoria Street
Toronto, ON 

Registration and Breakfast
07.30am – 08.30am
Bernie and Mildred Syron Exhibition Hall 
Pick up your name tag and meeting materials and then enjoy a delicious light breakfast before the meeting gets underway.

Welcome and Keynote Address
08.30 – 09.00
Allan Waters Family Auditorium
Take a seat in this state-of-the-art auditorium as we get the meeting started with welcome and opening remarks, followed by  a keynote address to inspire us to dream, collaborate, innovate and act to take resuscitation science to new heights.

  • Welcome and Opening Remarks – Dr Arthur Slutsky, VP Research, St Michael’s Hospital
  • Meeting Overview  – Dr Laurie J Morrison, Director: Collaborative Program in Resuscitation Sciences (CPRS), University of Toronto, and Rescu, St Michael’s Hospital
  • Keynote Address:  Peter G Brindley, MD, FRCPC

What’s My Thing? – Session 1
Allan Waters Family Auditorium
Facilitator:  Dr Ori Rotstein

This is the first of several sessions featuring selected presenters sharing their “thing” – be it innovative and unpublished research, a novel idea, or simply a passion for advancing resuscitation science enquiry. Presenters for this session are as follows

1.1 Gregory Hare – University of Toronto  (Provocateurs: James Menegazzi, J Gordon Boyd)
1.2 David Wilson – University of Pittsburgh   (Provocateurs: Andrew Baker, Ahamed Idris)
1.3 Daniel Davis – University of California San Diego  (Provocateurs: Art Slutsky, David Wilson)
1.4 Andrew Ramadeen – St Michael’s Hospital   (Provocateurs: James Menegazzi, Val Rac)
1.5 Anne-Marie Guerguerian – Hospital for Sick Children  (Provocateurs: Peter Brindley, Eyal Golan)
1.6 Jestin Carlson – University of Pittsburgh   (Provocateurs: Henry Wang, Aaron Orkin)

Networking Break
Bernie and Mildred Syron Exhibition Hall

What’s My Thing? – Session 2
Allan Waters Family Auditorium
Facilitator: Dr Damon Scales

Presenters for this session are as follows:

2.1 Barto Nascimento – University of Toronto  (Provocateurs: Art Slutsky, Steve Lin)
2.2 Melissa Parker – McMaster University  (Provocateurs: Anne-Marie Guerguerian, Barto Nascimento)
2.3 Henry Wang – University of Alabama at Birmingham  (Provocateurs: Greg Hare, Maude St-Onge)
2.4 Janice Tijssen – Hospital for Sick Children  (Provocateurs: Sheldon Cheskes, Dennis Ko)
2.5 Pamela Leece – University of Toronto   (Provocateurs: Mo Daya, Chika Nishiyama )
2.6 Steven Brooks – Queens University   (Provocateurs: David Wilson, Daniel Davis)

The Feynman Panel of Thinkers
Ahamad Idris, James Menegazzi, Peter Brindley, Anne-Marie Guerguerian, Art Slutsky, David Wilson, Greg Hare
Allan Waters Family Auditorium
Listen and be inspired by a panel of thoughtful individuals reflecting on what they have heard throughout the morning. See the Distinguished Panelists page for their biosketches.

Bernie and Mildred Syron Exhibition Hall
*PLEASE NOTE: Each delegate has been assigned to a specific lunch table. Your table number is on the yellow sticker on the back of your name tag. Kindly be seated at the table to which you have been assigned.


  • Round Table sessions

You will enjoy discussion over delicious lunch and refreshments.  At each table will be a senior clinician scientist/investigator/provocateur to engage you. This is your chance for face to face engagement with some of the best brains in the field of resuscitation science.


  • Dessert Alert!

Over dessert, you’ll turn your attention to special guest, Professor Judith Finn, who will address advancing resuscitation science through capacity building, drawing on her expertise and many years experience in Australia.


What’s My Thing? – Session 3
Allan Waters Family Auditorium
Facilitator: Dr Steven Brooks

Presenters for this session are as follows:

3.1 J Gordon Boyd – Queens University   (Provocateurs: Andrew Baker, Mo Daya)
3.2 Steve Lin – University of Toronto    (Provocateurs: Mo Daya, Natalie Wong)
3.3 Morgan Slater – Hospital for Sick Children   (Provocateurs: Peter Brindley, Melissa Parker)
3.4 Katherine Allan – University of Toronto   (Provocateurs: Janet Parsons, Dennis Ko)
3.5 Janet Parsons – University of Toronto, St Michael’s Hospital   (Provocateurs: Judith Finn, Ori Rotstein)
3.6 Katie Dainty – Li Ka Shing Knowledge Institute, St Michael’s Hospital  (Provocateurs: Judith Finn, Daniel Davis)

Networking Break
Bernie and Mildred Syron Exhibition Hall
14.35 – 14.50

What’s My Thing? – Session 4
Allan Waters Family Auditorium
Facilitator: Dr Laurie Morrison

Presentations wrap up with the following:

Auyon Siddiq – University of Toronto  (Provocateurs: James Menegazzi, David Wilson)
Jason Buick – University of Toronto  (Provocateurs: James Menegazzi, Tim Chan)
Blake Hurst and Sheldon Cheskes –  (Provocateurs: Henry Wang, Katie Dainty)
Natalie Wong – St Michael’s Hospital  (Provocateurs: Dan Davis, Anne-Marie Guerguerian)
Aaron Orkin – University of Toronto    (Provocateurs: Judith Finn, Janet Parsons)
Afrothite Kotsakis – University of Toronto, Hospital for Sick Children   (Provocateurs: Paul Dorian, Melissa Parker)

Tutu Panel on Collaboration
Judith Finn, Ori Rotstein, Daniel Davis, Janet Parsons, Henry Wang, Paul Dorian, Andrew Baker

Allan Waters Family Auditorium
This panel of distinguished thinkers will address issues related to collaboration and building innovative and unusual partnerships to advance resuscitation science research.

Close and Thanks
Dr Laurie Morrison