RiM 2018: What People Are Saying

“I cannot thank you enough for having attended RIM 2018. You brought together the brightest minds in resuscitation. The sessions were – VERY – well timed and the topics fascinating and I felt honored to represent Air Liquide and meet you all! – Thierry Boulanger, Industry Delegate, Air Liquide, France/US

“We extend our sincere appreciation for our wonderful experience at RiM 2018. We would like to recognize how accommodating and thoughtful you all were. Thanks for creating such a safe environment for us to contribute and learn in. It was very motivating to be a part of this conference. In our language we say Miigwetch! Many thanks, ” – Dr Melinda Fowler, Invited Faculty, University of Manitoba

“Honoured to have been invited to record a live podcast on cardiac arrest with an amazing group of the world’s best researchers in resuscitation and cardiac arrest at RiM2018.” – Dr Anton Helman, Invited Faculty, Host: EMCases

“The organization of this meeting is impeccable. RiM is high quality, but maintains a relaxed atmosphere. It is very easy to approach faculty, and opportunities for great feedback abound.” – Young Investigator (via online evaluation)

“Thank you to Dr Laurie Morrison and the organizing team of RiM2018 for the opportunity to be part of this meeting. So much fantastic learning, innovation and mentorship on offer.” – Dr Pavitra Kotini-Shah, Young Investigator, Presenter, University of Illinois at Chicago

“This is a superb meeting in terms of content, organisation and opportunities to engage with researchers and clinicians. The policy of focusing on high quality, unpublished research provides a ‘cutting-edge’ context that is often absent form other, larger scientific meetings that can have much more of a ‘review’ flavour.”  – Dr Gerard Bury, Senior Scientist, University College, Dublin 

“I have attended every edition of RiM. Small meetings make great meetings – such fantastic opportunities to engage with senior scientists.” – Young Investigator (via online evalution)

“What a truly unique conference RiM is. Basic science, clinical studies, use of social media for scientific studies, VR to assess physiological barriers to CPR – even a presentation about a ski patrol CPR sim study. So cool!! – Lillian Su, Young Investigator, Presenter, Stanford University

“RiM2018 was a fascinating experience and I am grateful to have learned so much from amazing scientists in the field!” – Jessica Salerno, Trainee, Presenter, University of Pittsburgh

“There is no other conference like it that I attend. The RiM format is always fresh. I heard lots of people say it is their ‘favorite’ conference. Don’t change anything.” – Senior Scientist (via online evaluation)

“Even though this is not my direct field of study I learned so much at this conference and I am excited to apply this to my future work!” – Amanda Fowler-Woods, Trainee, University of Manitoba

“RiM is so much better than most conferences – seriously. Other conferences should take note of RiM2018!” – Senior Scientist (via online evaluation)

“Great science presented at RiM2018 Discovery Track – Translational work on cerebral oxygenation, optimal ventilation and ROS in cardiac arrest!” – Dr Melissa Parker, Invited Faculty, McMaster University

“On behalf of our entire team, I would like to add my thanks for the invitation to present at this exciting event. Alaa and our project were definitely positively impacted by the valuable mentorship gained during RiM. I hope you are all very pleased with this latest edition – I may not have been present, but I heard excellent things about the event once again!” – Dr Joel Neves-Briard, Principal Investigator, AED-GMap, Université de Montréal

“RiM was a totally new and awesome experience for me. I will definitely be coming to the next meetingin 2020 and bringing juniors with me.” – Senior Scientist (via online evaluation)

“Had a fantastic time at RiM2018! – Wade McPherson, Paramedic, Peel Region Paramedic Services

“I love the person to person interactions at RiM. The usual ‘groupie’ gatherings were almost non-existent. Great networking opportunity. People come to RIM prepared to be engaged.” – Senior scientist (via online evaluation)

“It was a pleasure also to attend the RIM2018, an extraordinary place for discussion!” – Jean-Christophe Richard, Young Investigator, Presenter, Air Liquide Group

“It goes above and beyond other conferences. I really appreciate the intimate feel of RiM.” – Trainee (via online evaluation)

“Loved the EMcases at RiM with Anton Helman! It will bring the message out to a large audience. A fantastic addition to the meeting this year. Well done!!” – Medical Director, Base Hospital (via online evaluation)

“I have gained valuable insight into resuscitation research. Moreover, the feedback from the attendees sparked interesting discussions and ideas for future research. This was my first research presentation and I was anxious. However, everybody’s kindness and
interest in our project exceeded my expectations and I immediately felt at home.” – Alaa El Bashtaly, Trainee, Presenter, Université de Montréal

“Each edition of RiM is cutting edge and engaging/informative on many levels. You have created a very special meeting, which I recommend often and widely.” – Senior Scientist (via online evaluation)

“As an out of province student, I appreciated the smaller size and intimacy to be able to get to know people” – Trainee (via online evaluation)

“Congratulations on a masterfully planned and executed meeting. I bumped into a guy here in Prague – Ivan Ortega-Deballon – a critical care nurse and paramedic in Spain.  He said to me, and I quote, ‘RiM is the most valuable resuscitation meeting in the world for me because of the connections it made for me and how it helped to advance my career in research.’ I think a lot of people agree – I’ve been hearing nothing but positive feedback so far.” – Dr Steve Brooks, Invited Faculty, Queens University

“RiM is a great meeting with substantial emphasis on communication. The topics are well-balanced and nothing is ever overwhelming. Keep up the good work!” – Senior Scientist (via online evaluation)

“This meeting is exceptional in every way. I particularly appreciated the networking lunch. Meeting in this way was a great way to break the ice and speak with people I may not have had the courage to approach and start a discussion with otherwise.” – Trainee (via online evaluation)

“I love this meeting.  It is one of the most unique opportunities to unite industrial and academic scientists in a keen way to build research partnerships and networks, and support the capacity building of our young investigators.  Someone said the citation index of the audience must have been in the millions all supporting young scientists with great ideas…” – Dr Laurie Morrison, Clinician Scientist, University of Toronto, Chair-RiM2018

“RiM is very innovative. Great mix of bench research, clinical, education, technology, story telling.” – Young Investigator (via online evaluation)

“As a medical student, this was an amazing learning opportunity for me. The subjects discussed were very interesting and inspired many research ideas that I will share with my team.” – Trainee (via online evaluation

“The focus on trainees at RiM is admirable. It provides such a fantastic opportunity for face to face engagement in a small and intimate setting and the participants are from diverse disciplines, which makes it even more interesting.” – Trainee (via online evaluation)



Hosted by:
Collaborative Specialization in Resuscitation Sciences
University of Toronto
St Michael’s Hospital

with unrestricted educational funding support from
Air Liquide, Stryker/Physio-Control, Zoll
, Laerdal and Philips Healthcare