Mission, Vision & Values


We advance the science of resuscitation through collaboration and innovation to increase survival and reduce disability in patients with critical illness.


Rescu redefines resuscitation research by linking the patient with prehospital and inhospital providers and policy-makers in a cycle of discovery and knowledge translation

Our Values

The Patient

We provide patient care while pursuing scientific advancement.

The Provider

We engage providers through education, publication and dialogue. We translate study findings into practical change in care.

The Partnerships

Research excellence and early adoption is achieved through healthy partnerships with health care providers, interdisciplinary healthcare teams, destination hospitals and institutions, government, industry, funding agencies, advocacy groups, the media and professional organizations.

The Importance of the Scientific Question

We focus our resources on answering questions that are important to the advancement of science and improving patient outcomes.

The Integrity of the Science

Integrity drives excellence in design, implementation and reporting.

The Implementation of the Science

It is not enough to report the science. Pragmatic trials result in early adoption, change in practice and improved outcomes. By shining a light on practice, safety, and process, we help to optimize care and improve outcomes.