SMH RTC Scholarship 2019

The Research Training Centre is pleased to offer a limited number of scholarships to support research trainees at the LKSKI and KRC. The aim of these awards is to provide a partial salary support for excellent trainees (graduate students and post-doctoral fellow) in order to help them to perform research and obtain a degree through their work. The successful application will be provided with the award for one year. Since the goal of the program is to provide initial support to help the students obtain external funding, we encourage recipients to apply for other (external) funds.

  • Who can apply? Research Training Centre graduate students (MSc/PhD programs) and Post-Doctoral Fellows.
  • Application Deadline: February 15, 2019 at 4:00pm 
  • Awards: 
    • MSc Awards: $5000/each
    • PhD Awards: $10,000/each
    • Post-Doctoral Awards: $15,000/each

How to apply?

Please read through SMH RTC scholarship guidelines, and submit your complete application.

  1. Scholarship Guidelines 
  2. Scholarship Application form
    • first page of your application
  3. Scholarship checklist 
    • second page of your application

Please submit a single PDF document with all the requirements listed on the SMH RTC scholarship checklist.

Letters of recommendation and your supervisor’s letter are to be sent directly to and with your single PDF application.


If you have any questions about your application or eligibility, please contact the RTC Program Coordinator at or 416-864-6060 ext. 7871.


Yes! If your PI’s research grant is used to pay your salary, then you are eligible to apply for the St. Michael’s Hospital RTC Scholarship. If you have been awarded a research grant or fellowship award of $10,000 or more for the current academic year, you are ineligible to apply for the scholarship. Please specify the source of your salary in your application.

The RTC scholarship is intended to be used for your  salary and cannot be used for research work (i.e. taking courses, travel, etc.)

Your work/research at St. Michael’s Hospital must be used to satisfy the requirements of your graduate program at a recognized academic institution and under the supervision of a St. Michael’s Hospital supervisor.

If you are receiving $10,000 or more in funding from OGS for the current academic year, then you are not eligible to apply.

It would be great if you can include this with your application, if not that’s okay. We will add your letters to your application before they are reviewed.

St. Michael's Hospital RTC Scholarship Winners & Honourable Mentions


Shaista Anwer – MSc – Wet Bench

Matthew Reyad – MSc – Wet Bench

Elyse Latreille – MSc – Wet Bench

Thenuka Thanabalasingam – MSc – Wet Bench

Michelle Dubinsky – PhD – Wet Bench

Ghaffari Siavash – PDF – Wet Bench

Zahra Khan – MSc – Dry Bench

Néma McGlynn – MSc – Dry Bench

Laura Elliott – MSc – Dry Bench

Christine Schemitsch – PhD – Dry Bench

Cilia Mejia-Lancheros – PDF – Dry Bench


Honourable Mentions

Tiffany Ni – MSc – Wet Bench

Daniel Han – MSc – Wet Bench

Negar Khosraviani – MSc – Wet Bench

Minhyoung Lee – PhD – Wet Bench

Biswajit Chowdhury – PDF – Wet Bench

Samantha Mahanir – PDF – Wet Bench

Shuangbo Liu – MSc – Dry Bench

Salma Shickh – PhD – Dry Bench

Arden Corter – PDF – Dry Bench

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