RTC: MSc or PhD Trainee Registration

Welcome to St. Michael’s Hospital! Before you begin your training here, you will need to be registered.

You will receive a package from your supervisor. There are two sets of forms in this package and instructions:

  1. Instructions
  2. PI Forms 
  3. Student Forms

Step 1: Complete the required forms included in the package. The instructions for completing these forms are also included in the package. Your supervisor will also be responsible for completing several of these forms.

Step 2: Once you have your completed forms (PI forms & Graduate Student forms), email rtc@smh.ca to register for the in-person registration session. Bring your completed forms to the Office of Research Administration located at 250 Yonge St, 6th floor, Toronto, Ontario. Please come to the glass door and call Kristine Antony, ext. 7871.

Step 3: You will be advised during your in-person registration session about the next steps and which training to complete

Step 4: Take a look at our orientation package to help you get started!

After your in person registration, please refer to this document for next steps.