The LKSKI (dry bench) seminars take place on Wednesdays from 12 – 1 pm. The KRC-RTC (wet bench) seminars will be part of the unified KRC seminar series, which consists of weekly seminars on Fridays at 1 – 2pm, featuring KRC and iBEST PIs and trainees (1/month), and visiting scientists. All trainees are encouraged to attend these seminars that provide an excellent learning and networking opportunity. Trainees can showcase their research and get feedback from experienced scientists, research staff and peers.

We are currently inviting trainees to present at the 2019/20 seminar series. If you are interested, please send us an email indicating your name, supervisor, a topic (a full title can be provided later) and any preferred dates. We are asking presenters to prepare a 20 min presentation aimed at a wider audience (please don’t make it so specialized that those outside your discipline cannot follow). We will be happy to share more detailed instructions with presenters. Two trainee presentations are given per seminar and a light lunch is provided.

Why present at RTC seminars and why attend these presentations?

Attending and presenting at research seminars is an important part of your training, developing useful skills that are portable, regardless of career path. The seminars also increase the visibility of your work to the broader St. Michael’s community, enhancing your networking with other researchers. Who knows – your next employer, supervisor, or co-investigator could be in the audience! AND you can also list your presentation on your CV.

The seminars are NOT intended to put you under extra pressure and we do not require fully finished, polished or published works. We do ask that presenters have some data to present (for graduate students, second year or later is the ideal time to do this presentation). Presentations are NOT graded or ranked. Rather, the seminars are a forum where graduate students, postdoctoral fellows and PIs can help and teach each other, and discuss cutting-edge scientific research.

For advice on preparing presentations, check out our presentation resources page.

We will be sending out reminders to all trainees and upcoming seminars will be advertised through our website, the RTC Express, and on the screens throughout the KRC and LKSKI.

Seminar Schedule

Clinical (dry bench) research seminars

January 16, 2019LKS 21612:00pm - 1:00pmNatasha TalwerFunctional imaging of the clock-drawing test in a mild cognitive impairment population using novel MRI-compatible tablet technology to capture real-time brain activity while completing the task
February 13, 2019LKS 21612:00pm - 1:00pmShelley VanderhoutCow's milk fat and child growth, development and adiposity
March 13, 2019LKS 24012:00pm - 1:00pmChloe MightonPatients' experiences with uncertainty related to incidental genomic sequencing results
April 17, 2019LKS 24012:00pm - 1:00pmChristine SchemitschThe Impact of Psychological Factors on the Outcome of Surgical Repair for Rotator Cuff Tears - A Prospective Cohort (IMPROVE Study)
May 15, 2019LKS 21612:00pm - 1:00pm1) Agnes Sebastian1) Needs and experiences of primary care providers when managing incidental findings from genomic sequencing
June 19, 2019LKS 24112:00pm - 1:00pmThivia JegathesanEffect of postnatal age and gestational age on total bilirubin rate of rise in moderate preterm neonates
September 18, 2019250 Yonge Rm 635/63712:00pm - 1:00pm1) Zahra Khan
2) Néma McGlynn
October 16, 2019250 Yonge Rm 635/63712:00pm - 1:00pm1) Laura Elliott
2) open
November 20, 2019250 Yonge Rm 635/63712:00pm - 1:00pm1) Farah Mawani
2) open
3) open
December 4, 2019250 Yonge Rm 635/63712:00pm - 1:00pm1) Cilia Mejia-Lancheros
2) Arden Corter
January 15, 2020LKS 21612:00pm - 1:00pm1) Christine Schemitsch
2) Salma Shickh
February 12, 2020LKS 24112:00pm - 1:00pm1) Shuangbo Liu
2) open
March 11, 2020LKS 21612:00pm - 1:00pmOpen
April 8, 2020LKS 21612:00pm - 1:00pmOpen
May 20, 2020LKS 21612:00pm - 1:00pmOpen
June 3, 2020LKS 21612:00pm - 1:00pmOpen

Basic Science (wet bench) research seminars

January 25, 2019LKS 2111:00pm - 2:00pmGurleen KaurAssessing the significance of the Fc region of CD44 antibodies in the amelioration of Immune Thrombocytopenia (ITP)
February 22, 2019LKS 2111:00pm - 2:00pm1)Lina Elfaki
2) Tamadher Alghamdi
Ultrasound-targeted MicroRNA Therapy for Abdominal Aortic Aneurysms
2) The Role of Epigenetics in Controlling Endothelial Activation in Diabetic Kidney Disease
March 22, 2019LKS 2111:00pm - 2:00pmDr. Michael Kofler Mediated Nuclear Import and Export of TAZ
April 5, 2019LKS 2111:00pm - 2:00pmAmin Motamed EktesabiIdentification of Immunoregulatory microRNAs in Cardiac Tissue from Septic Mice treated with Mesenchymal Stromal/Stem Cells
May 3, 2019LKS 2111:00pm - 2:00pm1) Razan Turki
2) Ana Paula Teixeira Monteiro
1) Stretch-induced activation of Hippo signaling in lung microvascular endothelial cells – a novel mechanism of overventilation-induced pulmonary fibrosis
2) DJ-1/PARK7 Silencing in Human Mesenchymal Stromal Cells Confers Enhanced Improvement in Sepsis
May 31, 2019LKS 2111:00pm - 2:00pm1) Shaista Anwer
2)Peter Norris
1) TNF alpha-induced Claudin-3 expression regulation in kidney tubular epithelial cells
2) Fc gamma RI and Fc gamma RIII on ITP Splenic Macrophages Mediate Phagocytosis of GPIIb/IIIa Autoantibody-Opsonized Platelets
September 20, 2019LKS 2111:00pm - 2:00pm1) Matthew Reyad
2) Elyse Latreille
October 11, 2019LKS 2111:00pm - 2:00pm1) Thenuka Thanabalasingam
2) Tiffany Ni
November 29, 2019LKS 2111:00pm - 2:00pm1) Samantha Mahanir
2) open
3) open
January 31, 2020LKS 2111:00pm - 2:00pm1) Michelle Dubinsky
2) Minhyoung Lee
February 21, 2020LKS 2111:00pm - 2:00pm1) Ghaffari Siavash
2) Biswajit Chowdhury
March 27, 2020LKS 2111:00pm - 2:00pm1) Shaista Anwer
2) Samantha Mahanir
April 24, 2020LKS 2111:00pm - 2:00pm1) Negar Khosraviani
2) Daniel Han
May 15, 2020LKS 2111:00pm - 2:00pmOpen
June 5, 2020LKS 2111:00pm - 2:00pmOpen