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DescriptionWill they receive academic credit?Are they paid by St. Michael's Hospital?If paid by St. Michael's Hospital - Type of tax slip:St. Michael's Hospital employee?Forms/Instructions
Graduate students must be registered in a recognized university Masters or PhD program and are at St. Michael's Hospital under a formal arrangement between the Hospital and the university. The graduate students are completing their graduate studies thesis/research while at St. Michael's, which is a requirement of their graduate studies education. Their university graduate studies thesis supervisor is a St. Michael's Hospital investigator. YesYes and no. Graduate students typically receive an annual stipend from either the university or St. Michael's Hospital directly. If the funds being used to pay the graduate student are held at St. Michael's Hospital, then the graduate student will be paid their stipend directly from St. Michael's Hospital. T4ANoReview and complete the Engage a New Graduate Student-instruction sheet

Forms for Graduate Students

Forms for PIs/Managers

For international trainees, student and visitor, Immigration Canada is now requiring a new process for all foreign workers - see our Guide to completing Immigration Canada's offer of employment

If you still have questions about the process for engaging a Graduate Student, contact the Research Employment Coordinator.

Amend an Existing Position

Please contact the Research Employment Coordinator to amend an existing Student position.