Create a New Position: Research Employees

Creating a New PositionWill they receive academic credit?Are they paid by St. Michael's?If paid by St. Michael's - Type of Tax SlipSt. Michael's Employee?Additional Information
In order to create a new Research Employee position, you must first have a job description. The Office of Research Administration has standard research employee job descriptions available for viewing through the St. Michael's Hospital (For Internal Use only; If not connected to the SMH network, please Click Here for a step-by-step guide on how to externally access internal documents) including assistants, technicians, co-ordinators and managers. If you can't find the job description you are looking for, we may have a similar job description already on file.

To post a new position please contact the Research Employment Co-ordinator.

Note: In order to find the best candidate possible, it is recommended that you post all positions and encourage any known candidates to apply.
NoYes, they are paid an hourly wage plus vacation. For a breakdown of detailed employer costs please click here (For Internal Use Only; If not connected to the SMH network please Click Here for a step-by-step guide on how to externally access internal documents). T4Yes. They may have access to health benefits and a pension depending on the type of engagement (permanent vs. contract vs. casual). If you still have questions about the process for hiring a Research Employee, contact the Research Employment Coordinator.


Amend an Existing Position

Please contact the Research Employment Coordinator to amend an existing Research Employee position.

This section is still under development.

  • Change a supervising principal investigator – COMING SOON
  • Change job position or status – COMING SOON
  • Contract extension – COMING SOON
  • Leaves (including maternity) – COMING SOON
  • Change in Accounting Unit or Activity