Create a New Position: Undergraduate Students for Academic Credit (Co-op, etc)

DescriptionWill they receive academic credit?Are they paid by St. Michael's Hospital?If paid by St. Michael's Hospital - Type of tax slip:St. Michael's Hospital employee?Forms/Instructions
Students who are registered in an undergraduate university program (e.g., co-op students) and can train at St. Michael’s Hospital for academic credit. The work/duties being performed by these students at St. Michael’s is a requirement of their education.YesYes and no. There are both paid and volunteer positions available within the program. The decision to pay a student is at the discretion of the St. Michael’s researcher. Paid students get an hourly wage plus vacation pay for the term of their employment.T4Yes – if paid by St. Michael’s
No – if position is volunteer
Please contact the Research Employment Coordinator directly to engage a new undergraduate student for academic credit.

Amend an Existing Position

Please contact the Research Employment Coordinator to amend an existing Student position.

This section is still under development.