Create a New Position: Undergraduate Students for Academic Credit (Co-op, etc)

DescriptionWill they receive academic credit?Are they paid by St. Michael's Hospital?If paid by St. Michael's Hospital - Type of tax slip:St. Michael's Hospital employee?Forms/Instructions
Students who are registered in an undergraduate university program (e.g., co-op students) and can train at St. Michael’s Hospital for academic credit. The work/duties being performed by these students at St. Michael’s is a requirement of their education.YesYes and no. There are both paid and volunteer positions available within the program. The decision to pay a student is at the discretion of the St. Michael’s researcher. Paid students get an hourly wage plus vacation pay for the term of their employment.T4Yes – if paid by St. Michael’s
No – if position is volunteer
Review and complete the Co-op Student instruction sheet for hiring a paid co-op student.

Hire a Known Co-op Student Template

If you have any questions about the process for hiring a Co-op Student or wish to engage a non paid student for academic credit, contact the Research Employment Coordinator

Amend an Existing Position

Please contact the Research Employment Coordinator to amend an existing Student position.

This section is still under development.