Important Information for Visitors & Volunteers

Please review the different types of research visitors and volunteers provided in the table below to determine which one is right for you.

DescriptionWill they receive academic credit?Are they paid by St. Michael's?If paid by St. Michael's - Type of Tax Slip?St. Michael's Employee?Forms/Instructions
Off-Site Research Volunteers: Research volunteers are individuals, including students, who apply to a St. Michael’s supervisor to volunteer their time for a hospital-based research project or program. Students who are in a placement at the hospital for academic credit or under an approved placement program are not considered research volunteers.

Research volunteers must be at least 18 years of age.
NoNoN/ANo Getting Started for Off-Site Research Volunteers

Off-Site Forms for PI/Manager
Research Visitors: Visiting scientists or visiting students, including internationals, who come to the Hospital to further their own or their supervisor’s research projects. Research visitors can also be visiting staff (employees) who are part of an active collaboration with a St. Michael’s Researcher and are NOT visiting from a Canadian public institution (see the Research Affiliate Visitor definition below). NoNoN/ANoVisitor Instructions

Forms for Visitors

Forms for PI/Manager
Research Affiliate Visitors: Visiting staff (employees) from a Canadian public institution (such as a hospital, non-profit agency, university, government organization etc.) who are part of an active collaboration with a St. Michael’s Researcher. NoNoN/ANoAffiliate Visitor Instructions

Forms for Affiliate Visitors

Forms for PI/Manager
Study Monitors: Are typically external representatives of the Sponsor who oversee the progress of a clinical study, and ensure that it is conducted, recorded, and reported in accordance with the protocol, Standard Operating Procedures, Good Clinical Practice and applicable regulatory requirement(s). NoNoN/ANoStudy Monitor Instructions

Forms for Accessing Electronic Medical Records

Forms for Study Monitors

Forms for PI/Manager
Service Providers: A service agreement exists between the hospital and the service provider for certain research services to be provided to the St .Michael’s Researcher. Service Providers do not typically require access to hospital resources. If your Service Provider requires hospital access please contact the Research Employment Coordinator to discuss exceptions. NoNoN/ANoContact a Research Employment Coordinator
iBEST Affiliates: Individuals (affiliate scientists, engineers, clinicians, students and trainees) who are part of the Institute for Biomedical Engineering, Science & Technology (iBEST) partnership between St. Michael's Hospital and Ryerson University. NoNoN/ANoiBEST affiliate instructions from the Research Facilities website

For more information about Research Visitors, view the St. Michael’s Hospital research visitor policy (For Internal Use Only; Click Here for a step-by-step guide on how to externally access internal documents).

Please note: For International Trainees, student and visitor, Immigration Canada is now requiring a new process for all foreign workers – see our Guide to completing Immigration Canada’s Online Form.

Amend an Existing Position

Please contact the Research Employment Coordinator to amend an existing Visitor or Volunteer position.