About the REB

The St. Michael’s Research Ethics Board (REB) ensures that research involving the participation of humans meets current scientific and ethical research standards for the protection of human research participants. To achieve this objective, the REB:

  • reviews all proposed research from scientific and ethical perspectives before the research is started, and
  • promotes the research ethics education of the research community.

The REB is appointed on behalf of St. Michael’s Hospital and maintains an arms-length relationship with the institution. St. Michael’s Hospital mandates the REB to independently approve, reject, propose modifications to, or terminate any proposed or ongoing research involving human participants or human materials, which is conducted within, or by members of St. Michael’s Hospital.

Decisions made by the REB are based on the scientific and ethical merits of the research, and are made independently of other interests of the hospital. St. Michael’s Hospital retains the authority to disallow the conduct of research even if approved by the REB.