Frequently Asked Questions

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The role of Principal Investigator must be compliant with institutional requirements (i.e., St. Michael’s Hospital and/or the University of Toronto) and meet regulatory standards if needed. This means the PI must be an employee of or have an active appointment at St. Michael’s Hospital. Also, for any student study, the PI must be the student’s supervisor at St. Michael’s Hospital. The student can act as the Co-I.

To do so, you need to have a Principal Investigator at St. Michael’s Hospital (i.e., someone who is an employee of or has an appointment at St. Michael’s Hospital) who will be solely responsible for the scientific and ethical conduct of the study at St. Michael’s Hospital.


All student research needs a supervisor at St. Michael’s Hospital. This supervisor will act as the Principal Investigator. In addition, if you are a student from the University of Toronto, you will need to comply with University of Toronto policies and guidelines. Go to For Students for more information about how to conduct research at St. Michael’s Hospital.


The St. Michael’s Hospital REB requires that all investigators provide their signatures on the application form. If you have any questions, please contact the research ethics office.


The length of time for a study to be approved varies according to a number of factors. The study classification (as full board or delegated) is a primary determinant. Additional factors can include the complexity of the study, the risks involved, availability of expert reviewers, and the time taken by investigators to respond to the REB.

If you have questions about a specific application, please contact your Research Ethics Coordinator,  as indicated in your review letter. If you’re not sure who your Research Ethics Coordinator is, please contact

The REB approves studies for a maximum of one (1) year. It is the responsibility of the Principal Investigator (PI) to keep their REB approval current.

To renew your study, please visit the Study Renewal section of our website.

The REB considers a study to be complete (i.e., ready to be closed) when the following criteria have all been met:

  • All participant involvement is complete for this site.
  • All data collection is complete for this site.
  • All data clarification is complete for this site.
  • All data transfer is complete for this site.
  • All access to participants’ health records is complete for this site.

If your study meets all these criteria, please visit the Study Closure section of our website.