Microfabrication Core Equipment

For more information about the facility and equipment, cleanroom access request and equipment training please contact Dario Bogojevic.

Microfabrication Equipment:

Mask Aligner NxQ 4006

  • Substrate sizes: from pieces to 150 mm (6”)
  • Print Modes: Soft/Hard Pressure, Vacuum Contact and Manual Proximity print modes
  • Low Diffraction, High Resolution Printing Optics
  • Top side alignment with X-Y Micrometers
  • Splitfield Microscope with High Definition Cameras
  • Automatic Wedge Error Compensation and movement to Align Gap after loading wafer
  • Easy manual tray-load for substrate loading / unloading with topside mask loading

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Spin Coaters Laurell WS-650

  • Substrate Size(s): Up to Ø6″ (~150 mm) wafer or 5″ (~125 mm) square substrate
  • Chemistry: Spin Coater in the cleanroom is for Photoresists Only; Spin Coater in the Room 779 is for PDMS and other polymers
  • Programs: twenty 51-step programs
  • EBR (Edge Bead Remover) with adjustable locking positioner (Cleanroom Spin Coater only)

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Hot Plates Torrey Pines HS40

  • Aluminum heater tops provide even heating across the surface
  • Temperature range: from ambient to 450°C
  • Dimensions: 8” (20.3 cm) x 8” (20.3 cm)
  • Temperature accuracy: 1% ±
  • Temp stability: 1°C
  • Programmable: each program can be 10 steps

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Optical Profilometer Bruker Contour GT-K

  • A Non-Contact method for obtaining the full 3-D data set from a surface
  • Capable of imaging large areas with very high vertical resolution (< 1nm)
  • Diffraction-limited lateral resolution of 0.38μm
  • A fast measurement technique with most single measurements taking seconds
  • An easy-to-use and automatable technique for research applications
  • Thick and Thin Film Measurement Capability

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Analytical Equipment:

Archimedes Particle Metrology System

  • Applications include sizing and counting microbubble ultrasound contrast agents and protein aggregates
  • Parameters measured: particle number, size, buoyant mass, dry mass, density, surface area, volume, concentration (particles/mL), sample density
  • Highly accurate particle size measurement from 50nm to 5µm (sample dependent)
  • Measurement of particle mass to 450ag.

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  • Provides size distributions in number, volume and surface area in one measurement, with an overall sizing range of 0.2 µm to 1600 µm
  • Automated calibration and calibration verification
  • User defined Standard Operation Procedures
  • The software provides particle size and pulse data in numerous formats, all of the results are presented in a customized report
  • Applications include biological cell size distribution and cell counting, sizing and counting of microbubbles of ultrasound contrast agents and many more
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  • 3 detectors, consisting of a PMT (photomultiplier tube) for the ultraviolet and visible regions and InGaAs and cooled PbS detectors for the near-infrared region
  • Wavelength range: 185 to 3,300 nm
  • Resolution of 0.1 nm with ultra-low stray-light level (0.00005 % max. at 340 nm)
  • Integrating sphere attachment capable of diffuse/specular reflectance measurements and more accurate transmittances measurements
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  • Measurement: Excitation, emission and synchronous spectrum measurement, time-course measurement, quantitation, automatic search of optimal excitation and emission wavelengths
  • Wavelength scale: 220-900nm
  • Wavelength accuracy: ±1.5nm
  • The synchronous scanning mode allows mixtures of fluorochromes to be analyzed
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  • Build Volume: 320 mm x 132 mm x 154 mm
  • Plastic Materials: Onyx
  • Fiber Materials: Carbon Fiber, Fiberglass, Kevlar, HSHT Fiberglass (High-Strength High- Temperature Fiberglass)
  • Z Layer Resolution: 100 micron
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