Research Finance Guidelines


Alcohol Policy

For specific information regarding to alcohol allowance and restrictions.
Expense Policy - Hospital & Trust Accounts

For more information regarding to expenses covered under the expense policy.
Expense Policy - Research Activities

For information regarding to what types of expenses can be reimbursed through Hospital Policy.

Procument Policy Training

For further information regarding to overview of the procurement services.
Research Fee Policies

For more information regarding to the administrative fees associated with conduct of research at St. Michael’s Hospital.
Signing Authority and Delegation Policy

All forms received need to have the corresponding Signing Authority on it.
Note: Forms without wet ink signatures or signatures from incorrect delegates will not be processed.

Signing authority can be delegated in circumstances when a PI is not always available for the day to day operations of their research. The principal investigator can assign a Research Manager or Coordinator to sign off on reimbursements, payment requisitions or invoices within the limit set by Principal Investigator.