Submit a Reimbursement Request

All reimbursements related to research must be submitted to the Office of Research Administration, Research Finance. Please follow the appropriate step-by-step procedure to have reimbursements processed.


Cash Office is located on at:

St. Michael’s Hospital-  1st floor

30 Bond St., M5B 1W8

Toronto Ontario

FORMS for Supporting Documentation: (If Applicable)

To process a reimbursement:

  1. Choose the appropriate requisition form (Employee Payment Requisition Form or Payment Requisition Form)
  2. Fill in your Name, Employee ID (if applicable), Address, Payment Amount and Payment Option
  3. Please provide your research activity information that the payment will be charged to:
    • Enter your Company (Co) which is one digit number (i.e. 2 for Research Activities)
    • Enter your Accounting Unit (AU) which is a two digit number (i.e. 61)
    • Enter your Account which is also referred to as the expense code a six digit number (i.e. 562407).
    • Enter your Activity which is a ten digit number (i.e. 00000-00000)
  4. Enter your amount, HST/GST and the total cost.
  5. Please state a reason for the reimbursement submission.
  6. If you are receiving an honorarium/stipend/service payment, please enter the Social Insurance Number of the recipient. (Especially if person is receiving more than $500 worth of payments)
  7. Once completed the form needs to be signed by the Activity’s Authorized Signing Authority.
    Note: Forms without wet ink signatures or signatures from incorrect delegates will not be processed.
  8. Please fill out the Internal Contact Information in case requisition needs follow up.
  9. Submit your completed form along with all of your original receipts (including itemized receipts and proof of payment receipts) to your Research Financial Analyst.

For further clarification on submitting requisition and reimbursements, please refer to Frequently Asked Questions