Reimbursements and Invoices

SPA for Reimbursement or Invoice?

A Service Provider Agreement is a contract between a third-party (an external service provider) and St. Michael’s Hospital for services that are to be provided as agreed upon in the contract.

Usually, if the service provided is a one-time obligation under $500, then a Service Provider Agreement can be forgiven; however, if the service is recurring, then a Service Provider Agreement is necessary.

Some of the common services that require a Service Provider Agreement include:

  • Transcription services
  • Consulting work
  • Translation services
  • Data analysis work

Provided are some example scenarios:

ScenarioIs a Service Provider Agreement needed?
I have just received an invoice from Company ABC which printed some posters for me. I may need to use their services again in the future.No
Ms. ABC provided us with transcription services. We only needed her for just this one project; thus, we would not require her services anymore.No
Company 123 is a company that provides translation services that we’ve worked with a couple of times; however, we do not have a Service Provider Agreement.Yes
Mr. XYZ sent an invoice for the consulting work that he has done in the month. This is the first time we’ve received an invoice from him and we will continue to work with him for the rest of the year.Yes
The external contractor may be working with us once a year on several different projects.Yes
Mrs. DEF will be assisting us once for our project, however the payment is over $500.00.Yes

SPA or PO?

Any payment to a vendor over $24,999.99 will need to go through Procurement.

If an SPA is required, please contact