Trauma Black Box

Severely injured patients require a rapid and coordinated assessment of injuries while simultaneously being resuscitated. This requires an organization of multiple overlapping priorities in a dynamic and time-pressured environment. These critical decisions are further influenced by the urgency of potential life-threatening injuries, variability in trauma team members and environmental challenges. Currently, adverse events and lapses in safety are identified after the fact, through a post-event review. These reviews rely on personal recollection, patient charts and incident reports that are limited by retrospective data collection. This results in recall bias and inaccurate or insufficient detail related to timeline, incidence and nature adverse events. The Trauma Black Box (Surgical Safety Technologies, Toronto) is a synchronized data capture and analysis platform that is used to better understand the interplay of the complex team and task-based challenges in the trauma bay. Dr. Nolan is the principal investigator of a study on the implementation of the Trauma Black Box at St. Michael’s Hospital (funded by Physician Services Incorporated).