Guiding Principles

  1. It typically takes 8 business days for month end to close and finalize the prior month. Therefore refrain from reporting the prior month until the report is published for use. The report should be available on the 9th business day of the month. If it is not there can you contact research finance regarding delays.
  2. Refrain from changing or modifying the Payroll and accounting records raw data to avoid inconsistencies in our Accounting records. This may include adding expected costs or reducing expected costs. Often the financial auditors will question any manual changes to our raw data and consider this misrepresenting financial information. At most you can change the column widths.
  3. When reporting hours and dollars worked ensure you report total hours and total dollars, as this would be the full cost of the employees salary. Refrain from Paid, Reverse and accrual data.
  4. If requiring to allocate salary from one activity to another activity, ensure your hours and dollars tie back to the salary report. Do not include overtime, or admin time. Differences will be questioned by Research Finance and our financial auditors.
  5. Prior to sharing payroll information with sponsors or reporting agencies please check with Research Finance and your one up supervisor to ensure data is accurate and ok to share.
  6. Ensure you keep a record of the employee name and number in your records. This will be useful when managing staff.
  7. Only salary allocations can be done in the past 12 months, as permitted by the sponsor requirements, as reporting may be completed.
  8. If an employee’s Full Tim Equivalent or FTE is split 40% to your PI and 60% to another PI, only that portion of the employees salary expense and hours will be present in your PI’s report. To obtain the salary expense and hours of the other PI you will need to request access and run the report for that PI. Typically each PI should be responsible for only that portion of the employees time and is not mandatory for you to manage the employees full FTE, unless instructed.
  9. Research Finance will only move the expense and not funding from one activity to another. This is because we need to know how much it cost for a research project. Moving funding distorts this information for internal and external reporting. If requesting a salary expense move be sure to include: Name, Employee Number, Period/Month(s), Hours, $$ or Percentage, Corresponding Payroll Report. When Research Finance moves the expense it will appear as one line as opposed to multiple lines when originally entered by payroll. As you can see it is better to place people in their corresponding activity at start or use work force management daily or weekly when moving salary expenses to the corresponding activity.