Please keep all original receipts/invoices (if available) for a period of 3 months.

Allowable Approvals

Required Back ups

Payment Lead Sheets

Expense Codes

Sample Requisitions (please download the file to view embedded information)

Sample Requisition 1: Employee paid for expense out of pocket, request ion reimbursement

Sample Requisition 2: Individual incurring similar expenses expenses in requisition

Embedding Tip 1: How to Embed PDF pages to Payment Lead Sheet

Subject Line of Email

Activity Number – Payee – Dollar Amount – Invoices # or Date Authorized – Research Financial Analyst

2####-2#### – John Smith – $3,500.00 – 2020.03.19 – Phillip

*Always refer to your original subject line when following up on payment requests. Do not change the subject line.

Digital Expense Requisition Narrative – Study Team: Detail Found HERE (Updated April 03 2020)

Please ensure that ONE Requisition/Invoice/Request accompanies ONE Email. This will allow Research Finance + Accounts Payable + Requester to manage, query and approve each request efficiently.