How can I opt out of this research?

Your participation in this study is voluntary. You can choose not to participate or you may withdraw at any time. If you chose not to withdraw from this study, all information collected will be automatically used for research purposes.

Your participation, or choice to not participate, or withdraw from this study at any time, will not have any effect on your care or on the quality of medical care at St. Michael’s Hospital for you or other members of your family.

If you wish to withdraw from the study, the video recordings and data of your care in the trauma room will be securely destroyed.

The other study participants from your care in the trauma room (trauma medical team members) may also withdraw from the study at any time and request that the video and data be deleted if it has not yet been analyzed. 

If you no longer want to participate in the research study, please email traumablackbox@unityhealth.to to let us know. Please provide your full name and when you were in the trauma bay so that we can make sure to remove all of your data from the database.

How is my personal information kept private and secure?

Any records, documentation, or information related to you will be coded by a unique study number. Electronic files will be stored securely on a fire-wall protected, on-site server or securely on any portable electronic devices.

If it happens that any identifying information does get video/audio recorded (for example, your identity printed on any documents or if your name is spoken during the recording), this information will be removed from the recordings as soon as it is discovered.

The audio and video recordings will be securely deleted after they have been evaluated by the expert assessors and are no longer required for study purposes. This will take place within 30 days after your care in the trauma room. The log linking the study data to your identity will also be securely destroyed within the 30 day retention period. All other study data (coded with the unique study number) will be securely stored for up to 5 years after the study has been completed and published, and after that all study data will be securely and permanently destroyed.

Where can I find the study results?

We may present the results of this study at a scientific conference and we intend to write an article about this study for a scientific journal. You can ask us to send you a copy of the article upon publication by contacting our principal investigator, Dr. Brodie Nolan or one of our research personnel.

Are there any potential benefits/costs/reimbursements?

There are no direct benefits from participation in this study. This study will not give you any improved treatment of any kind. There is however a potential benefit for future patients and operating room teams since the purpose of this study is to improve the training of the entire trauma room team with the overall intention to improve patient safety. Results from this study may further medical or scientific knowledge.

There are no costs to you for participating in this study. You will not be reimbursed for your participation.

New technology may be developed through the use of aggregated data generated during the study. In the event of commercialization of such technology, you will not be entitled to receive any personal payment or recognition.

Research Ethics Board Contact

If you have any questions regarding your rights as a research participant, you may contact the Unity Health Toronto Research Ethics Board Office at 416-864-6060 ext. 42557 during business hours (9:00am – 5:00 pm).