Information for New Trainees

The following information is for new trainees at St. Michael’s Hospital who have a supervisor and have submitted the necessary paperwork to the Office of Research Administration.

Not yet a trainee? Visit Undergraduate & Medical Students, Graduate Students, or Postdoctoral Fellowsto find out how to apply.

Please click here to download the Trainee Package


The Research Training Centre is a resource for students training with Research at St. Michael’s Hospital. The Centre:

  • organizes activities for students and opportunities to present their work and interact with each other as well as seminars and a Research Day
  • offers scholarships and travel awards
  • facilitates information exchange and interaction among trainees
  • organizes career development seminars and meetings with leading scientists
  • provides help  on research training-related issues

Visit the RTC page for more information.

When you receive your package from your supervisor, you will be provided with an online link to register with the Research Training Centre. Alternatively, please find the registration form below:

Click here for the Trainee RTC Registration Form

Click here for the Post-Doc RTC Registration Form

Click here for the Visiting Student RTC Registration Form

If you have further questions, please email, or visit our FAQs page.

Trainees arriving from outside of Canada will find additional information that may be useful with our information for international trainees.