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  1. Guilcher SJT, Hamilton-Wright S, Skinner W, Woodhall-Melnik J, Ferentzy P, Wendaferew A, Hwang SW, Matheson FI. Talk with me: Perspectives on services for men with problem gambling and housing instability. BMC Health Services Research.
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  9. Schuler, A., Ferentzy, P., Turner, N.E., Skinner, W., McIsaac, K.E., Ziegler, C.P. & Matheson, F.I. (2016). Gamblers Anonymous as a recovery pathway: A scoping review. Journal of Gambling Studies, 32 (4), 1261-1278. doi: 10.1007/s10899-016-9596-8


  • McIsaac, KE, MacDonald, SF, Chong, N, Moser, A, Moineddin, R, Colantonio, A, Nathens, A, Matheson, FI. Creating a Powerful Platform to Explore Health in a Correctional Population: A Record Linkage Study. PLOS ONE, 2016, 11(8), p.e0161173. Impact Factor 2.639. Co-Principal Author.

Description: Conceptualized the study, co-conceptualized the paper, directed the analysis and wrote the manuscript. Trainee: McIsaac, KE, post-doctoral fellow. This paper reflects the creation of a unique partnership with Correctional Service of Canada to mutually explore traumatic brain injury (TBI) in the federal prison population in Canada. This paper describes a rare database – it’s only kind in Canada and one of a handful internationally – representing people federally incarcerated in Ontario between 1998 and 2013. With it there is great potential to identify where interventions are best placed to reduce health inequities among this population. For example, the TBI project is designed to help CSC understand the extent of the problem in their population and to look for ways to ensure that people with TBI are treated equitably during their time in federal custody.

  • Matheson, FI, Brazil A, Doherty S, Forrester P. A Call for Help: Women Offenders’ Reflections on Trauma Care. Women & Criminal Justice, 2015, 0:1–15. DOI: 10.1080/08974454.2014.909760. Principal Author.

Description: Conceptualized the study, Co-conceptualized the paper, analysis, revised and edited drafts and assisted with development of conclusions and recommendations. This paper highlighted the impact of trauma on women who experienced federal incarceration. The paper received National Media attention. I was interviewed by Marcie Len with Canada-AM and Pauline Dakin with CBC Radio. A co-author (Amanda Brazil) did 10 with the CBC Radio Syndicate across Canada (coordinated by Andrew Parker).

  •  Matheson FI, Devotta K, Wendaferew A, Pedersen C. Prevalence of Gambling Problems among the Clients of a Toronto Homeless Shelter. Journal of Gambling Studies, 2014, 30: 537-546. Impact Factor 2.639. Principal Author.

Description: Conceptualized the study and paper, analysis, drafted the paper and developed conclusions and recommendations. This is one of only two Canadian studies which documented the extraordinarily high prevalence of problem and pathological gambling among men facing homelessness/poverty. The findings indicate that 35% of the men using shelter and housing services at an inner city Toronto agency reported lifetime problem and pathological gambling as compared to 3% in the general population. They study is pivotal for laying the groundwork for my continued research in this area and to identify gaps and barriers to care from the service provider and consumer perspective. The paper received national media attention, distributed by 11 media outlets and featured in the National Post (Jason Rehel).

  • Matheson FI, Dunn, JR, Smith KLW, Moineddin R, Glazier RH. Development of the Canadian Marginalization Index: a new tool for the study of inequality. Canadian Journal of Public Health, 2012, 103(Suppl. 2):S12-S. Impact Factor 1.567. Trainee: Smith KLW. Principal Author.

Description: Conceptualized the study, paper, analysis, drafted the paper and developed conclusions and recommendations. This paper reflects the nature of small area geographic marginalization in Canada. The uptake on the Ontario version of the index (Ontario Marginalization Index) was greater than expected with over 50 papers citing use of the index to explore a variety of health issues. Public Health Ontario (PHO) and the Canadian Institute for Health Information have endorsed the index. I presented the index at a pre-conference workshop at the Canadian Population Health Association meetings in June 2012 (hosted by CIHI). PHO has hosted two webinars to disseminate information about the index, the most recent in June 2016 to announce our partnership to re-develop the index for 2011 with the census and alternative data sources.


  • Matheson FI, Moineddin R, Glazier RH. The weight of place: a multilevel analysis of gender, neighborhood material deprivation and body mass index among Canadian adults. Social Science and Medicine, 2008, 66(3): 675-690. Impact Factor 3.544. Principal Author.

Description: Conceptualized the study, co-conceptualized paper, analysis, revised paper and helped developed conclusions and recommendations. This paper highlighted that neighbourhood stress was differentially related to body weight among men and women. The paper received Local (Toronto Star – Joseph Hall, Toronto Sun – Sharon Lem) and National media attention (Globe and Mail – Caroline Alphonso) and spawned the community forum, “Women, Weight, & Where You Live” as part of a Community Discussion Series on Neighbourhoods and Health sponsored by the Centre for Research on Inner City Health, St. Michael’s Hospital.


Baxter, A., Salmon, C., Dufresne, K., Carasco-Lee, A., — Matheson, F.I. (2016). Gender differences in felt stigma and barriers to help-seeking for problem gambling. Addictive Behaviors Reports, 3, 1-8.

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Schuler, A., Ferentzy, P., Turner, N. E., Skinner, W., McIsaac, K. E., Ziegler, C. P., — Matheson, F. I. (2016). Gamblers Anonymous as a Recovery Pathway: A Scoping Review. Journal of Gambling Studies, 1-18.

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A review of Gamblers Anonymous for treating problem gambling


Gambling Problems Among the Clients of a Toronto Homeless Shelter.


The Use of Self-Management Strategies for Problem Gambling: A Scoping Review

2019-04-09_Self-Management Scoping Review Plain Language Report