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Research Interests

Homelessness, housing as a social determinant of health, health care for homeless persons, marginalized populations, inner city health, urban health, socioeconomic status, access to care, community-based health care, health services research.

Research Activities

Dr. Hwang’s research program focuses on interventions to improve the health of people experiencing homelessness, and to interrupt chronic homelessness itself.


Recent Publications

  1. Grewal, EK, Campbell, RB, Booth, GL, McBrien, KA, Hwang, SW, O'Campo, P et al.. Using concept mapping to prioritize barriers to diabetes care and self-management for those who experience homelessness. Int J Equity Health. 2021;20 (1):158. doi: 10.1186/s12939-021-01494-3. PubMed PMID:34243783 PubMed Central PMC8272311.
  2. Mejia-Lancheros, C, Lachaud, J, To, MJ, Lee, P, Nisenbaum, R, O'Campo, P et al.. The Long-Term Effects of a Housing First Intervention on Primary Care and Non-Primary Care Physician Visits Among Homeless Adults with Mental Illness: A 7-Year RCT Follow-Up. J Prim Care Community Health. ;12 :21501327211027102. doi: 10.1177/21501327211027102. PubMed PMID:34238042 PubMed Central PMC8274120.
  3. Lachaud, J, Mejia-Lancheros, C, Durbin, A, Nisenbaum, R, Wang, R, O'Campo, P et al.. The Effect of a Housing First Intervention on Acute Health Care Utilization among Homeless Adults with Mental Illness: Long-term Outcomes of the At Home/Chez-Soi Randomized Pragmatic Trial. J Urban Health. 2021; :. doi: 10.1007/s11524-021-00550-1. PubMed PMID:34181180 .
  4. Pinto, AD, Perri, M, Pedersen, CL, Aratangy, T, Hapsari, AP, Hwang, SW et al.. Exploring different methods to evaluate the impact of basic income interventions: a systematic review. Int J Equity Health. 2021;20 (1):142. doi: 10.1186/s12939-021-01479-2. PubMed PMID:34134715 PubMed Central PMC8206888.
  5. Wiens, K, Rosella, LC, Kurdyak, P, Chen, S, Aubry, T, Stergiopoulos, V et al.. Factors associated with higher healthcare costs in a cohort of homeless adults with a mental illness and a general cohort of adults with a history of homelessness. BMC Health Serv Res. 2021;21 (1):555. doi: 10.1186/s12913-021-06562-6. PubMed PMID:34090425 PubMed Central PMC8180071.
  6. Lachaud, J, Mejia-Lancheros, C, Liu, M, Wang, R, Nisenbaum, R, Stergiopoulos, V et al.. Severe Psychopathology and Substance Use Disorder Modify the Association Between Housing Trajectories and Food Security Among Homeless Adults. Front Nutr. 2021;8 :608811. doi: 10.3389/fnut.2021.608811. PubMed PMID:34055849 PubMed Central PMC8152664.
  7. Persaud, N, Bedard, M, Boozary, A, Glazier, RH, Gomes, T, Hwang, SW et al.. Adherence at 2 years with distribution of essential medicines at no charge: The CLEAN Meds randomized clinical trial. PLoS Med. 2021;18 (5):e1003590. doi: 10.1371/journal.pmed.1003590. PubMed PMID:34019540 PubMed Central PMC8139488.
  8. Gicas, KM, Mejia-Lancheros, C, Nisenbaum, R, Wang, R, Hwang, SW, Stergiopoulos, V et al.. Cognitive determinants of community functioning and quality of life in homeless adults with mental illness: 6-year follow-up from the At Home/Chez Soi Study Toronto site. Psychol Med. 2021; :1-9. doi: 10.1017/S0033291721001550. PubMed PMID:33926584 .
  9. Tweed, EJ, Thomson, RM, Lewer, D, Sumpter, C, Kirolos, A, Southworth, PM et al.. Health of people experiencing co-occurring homelessness, imprisonment, substance use, sex work and/or severe mental illness in high-income countries: a systematic review and meta-analysis. J Epidemiol Community Health. 2021; :. doi: 10.1136/jech-2020-215975. PubMed PMID:33893182 .
  10. Mejia-Lancheros, C, Lachaud, J, Aubry, T, Wiens, K, O'Campo, P, Stergiopoulos, V et al.. Multi-trajectory group profiles of well-being and associated predictors among adults experiencing homelessness and mental illness: findings from the At Home/Chez Soi study, Toronto site. Soc Psychiatry Psychiatr Epidemiol. 2021; :. doi: 10.1007/s00127-021-02093-x. PubMed PMID:33866385 .
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Affiliations & Other Activities

  • Scientist, Li Ka Shing Knowledge Institute, St. Michael’s Hospital
  • Staff Physician, Division of General Internal Medicine, St. Michael’s Hospital
  • Director, Division of General Internal Medicine, University of Toronto
  • Professor, Department of Medicine, University of Toronto
  • Professor, Dalla Lana School of Public Health, University of Toronto
  • Professor, Institute of Health Policy, Management and Evaluation, University of Toronto