Helpful Definitions

What is a Trauma Center?

Just like your typical emergency room, a trauma center is located within a hospital, in the emergency department. A trauma center is equipped to deal with severe and more life-threatening conditions, and the staff are highly trained in traumatic injuries. These injuries could include stabs or gunshot wounds, major burns, severe falls, brain injuries, traumatic car crash injuries and more. St. Michael’s Hospital is a Level I Trauma Centre, which means that we provide total care for all aspects of an injury.

Adapted from the Dallas Medical Centre 

What is an Emergency Room?

Emergency rooms are where you go for emergency assistance. An emergency room is equipped with nurses and doctors who are trained to deal with a variety of issues such as signs of a heart attack, fainting, or possible broken limbs. You would go to an emergency room if you experience of have broken bones, fainting, a heart attack or stroke, minor burns, stomach issues and more.

Adapted from the Dallas Medical Centre