If you are applying for a new contract or if an external party has already provided a draft agreement, please follow the instructions below (Steps 1- 8) for submitting your contract request. Please note that a Researcher or their staff members must complete the following steps before a contract is reviewed, approved, and executed. If you have any questions or require any assistance regarding the steps below, please contact ResearchContracts@smh.ca.


STEP 1: Please download and complete the Document Tracking Sheet. Please note: if the external party is an institution, kindly put an institutional email address.  Please do not use a Gmail, Yahoo, or Hotmail email address.

STEP 2: Download and complete the appropriate Addendum for your specific contract. If you are unsure which form to complete, please contact researchcontracts@smh.ca.

STEP 3: For Service Provider Agreements, or Data/Material transfer agreements with outgoing funds, please complete an Activity Approval for Service Provider. Submit this form to your Principal Investigator’s respective Research Finance Analyst (RFA). If you’re not sure whether a Service Provider Agreement is needed, please complete the SPA Checklist and follow steps outlined on the Research Finance page. If this not applicable, please move directly to the next step. If the total payment for a service exceeds $24,999.99 you must contact Procurement Services before a contract can be executed.

STEP 4: For Outgoing Sub-Award or Sub-Grant Agreements (transfer of funds from Unity Health Toronto to an external site), kindly complete an Activity Approval for Outgoing Sub-Grants Form to your Principal Investigator’s respective Research Finance Analyst (RFA). If this not applicable, please move directly to the next step. Note: If you do not know who your RFA is, please click here to find a link to this information on the Research Finance page. Alternatively, you may contact researchfinance@smh.ca for information or help.

STEP 5: Obtain a draft agreement from the external party (if applicable), in MS Word format. If this not applicable, please move directly to the next step.

STEP 6: Compile electronic version of all documents into a submission package including:

  • MS Word version of the contract, if applicable
  • Completed Document Tracking Sheet (see Step 1)
  • Appropriate addendum, if applicable (see Step 2)

STEP 7: Email your package electronically to researchcontracts@smh.ca. Please provide the following in your email:

  • Documents mentioned in Step 6
  • Brief explanation of your proposed research/study
  • Any important deadlines

Note: If you are requesting an expedited contract review, please provide a detailed reason(s) for the urgent review and indicate a specific date for our office to complete the agreement by. STEP 8: Once received, the Research Contracts Clerk will process your documents, designate a specific ID number for future reference, and assign a Research Contracts Analyst or Research Contracts Specialist within 5 business days. Remember, prior to starting your study you will need to secure institutional approvals from the Research Ethics Board and/or the Animal Care Committee. All research activity that includes the purchase of equipment or services shall follow the procurement process (Activity Approvals, Non-Competitive Approval Forms, etc.).