What does this study mean for you?

What are we studying?

The purpose of this research project is to assess adverse events, errors, and environmental factors in the trauma bay and correlate with patients’ in hospital outcomes. This analysis will be used to identify error patterns leading to adverse outcome, and define areas for improvement to enhance patient safety in the trauma bay.

What is Trauma Black Box?

Trauma Black Box is a technology system that captures audio-visual, environmental and physiologic information from patient monitors. Throughout this study, audio-video data will be collected by 9 wall-mounted high definition cameras and microphones placed throughout the trauma bay.

So what does this mean for you?

By participating in this study, you are agreeing to be audio and video-recorded while in the trauma room.

All trauma activations of an injured patient in the trauma bay will be recorded. A panoramic view of the entire trauma bay along with dedicated views to detect specific aspects of patient care will be obtained using 9 high definition cameras affixed to either the ceiling or wall.  Environmental factors such as decibel level and room temperature will be monitored separately. 

Video and audio recordings will start 10 minutes before the trauma patient arrives and will end when s/he leaves the trauma bay or 10 minutes after pronouncement of death.  The beginning of data collection and video analysis needs to begin prior to patient arrival to capture aspects of a trauma team pre-brief and preparation for arrival of the patient. 

The video recordings will be assessed by expert personnel who will rate the technical and non-technical trauma team performance using validated evaluation tools.

Video recordings will only be marked by a randomly assigned, unique study code. Your name will NOT be on the video recordings or on any data gathered in addition to it.

During the 30 day retention period all recordings will be held strictly confidential unless required by law. Upon the completed evaluation of the video recordings by the expert assessors the recordings will be securely and permanently deleted.

Potential Benefits

There are no direct benefits from participation in this study. There is however, a potential benefit for future patients and trauma room teams since the purpose of this study is to prospectively assess adverse events, errors and human and environmental factors in the trauma bay an correlate with patients’ in-hospital outcomes; identify error patterns or events leading to an adverse event; assess variations of practice during resuscitation in the trauma bay; identify potential high-risk exposures to frontline trauma team members during the COVID-19 pandemic. Results from this study may further medical or scientific knowledge.