Participation and Withdrawal


Your participation in this study is voluntary. Consent is implied and valid until you withdraw it. You can choose not to participate or you may withdraw at any time.

Your participation, or choice to not participate, or withdraw from this study at any time, it will in no way affect your job, evaluation, residency training or your relationship with any of your superiors or training supervisors.


You may withdraw from the study overall OR on a case-by-case basis.

You may withdraw from the study within 48 hours from a recording and the video will be deleted and not analyzed. The other trauma team members participating in the study may do the same. If the patient withdraws from the study within 30 days from the recording, the videos will be deleted and not analyzed.

In order to maintain the scientific integrity of the study and avoid bias, the recordings may not be withdrawn beyond the 48-hour timeframe, nor may be the other data collected up to the point of withdrawal. The audio and video recordings will be securely deleted at the 30 day time point as described above.

Please contact to withdraw your consent.