Why are we doing this study?


The purpose of this study is to develop the Trauma Black Box tool to train to identify and evaluate events, errors, and environmental factors that occur in the trauma bay. The data will be used to train the Emergency Department staff in important skills such as communication, problem solving and team work in stressful situations. The end goal of this study is to improve patient safety and care.

Description of Research Study

All patients cared for in the trauma room are continuously video and audio recorded. 

A panoramic view of the entire trauma room along with dedicated views from 9 high definition cameras, either in the ceiling or wall, are used to capture specific aspects of the trauma medical team caring for you.

Video and audio recordings started 10 minutes before you arrived and ended when you left the trauma room (or 10 minutes after pronouncement of death). 

Video and audio recordings are marked by a randomly assigned, unique study code. Your name will NOT be on the video or audio recordings or on any data gathered in addition to it.  

We will review your medical record and collect basic demographic information (e.g., age, gender) and relevant medical information, including information about your care while in the hospital. This study will only use existing information from medical records and research databases and will not seek or ask for new information.